Tips to design an incredible banner

Tips to design an incredible banner

08,May 2019

A banner is an online pamphlet, which is used to advertise. It is an essential part of graphics design and web design. An incredible banner design noticed by people and makes a brand reputation. Ads with good design are irresistibly clicked while other ads disturbing us.

Tips to design a good banner are:-

Size of banner

The size of the banner plays a vital role to get attention from customers. We can design an amazing banner with the size of 1000×1000 but it is not good to take as largest size as possible. Although, Google Adsense recommended some of the performing ad sizes for the banner.

Top performing ad sizes are:

  1. 300x250: This size is known as the medium rectangle.
  2. 336x280: This size is known as a large rectangle.
  3. 728x90: This size is known as the leader board.
  4. 300x600: This size is known as the leader board.
  5. 320x100: This size is known as leader mobile board.

Color selection

Every color has its unique importance, it is associated with color psychology.


This color associated with optimism, energy, and sunshine. Because of too much shining yellow color can be a risk if it is used in large scale. It can irritate the audience eye, therefore use yellow color at low scale.


This color associated with creative, enthusiastic, friendly, and desire. It is used to take the attention of the youth. If your targeted audience is too young at the soul, then you need to use orange alongside with white, black and, grey.


This color associated with luxury, royalty, wisdom, and ambition. It is used to gain public trust and credibility. If you are targeting exceptional services and making them possible, then you need to use a purple color.

Create a plain and simple banner

People do not have a lot of time to look at your ads. The banner text and visual both would be simple. A plain and simple banner can easily convey the message. The banner with a short and meaningful message can attract more people.

Use animation

An image with moving elements attracts more people and increase traffic. The selection of moving element should be the highlight of the image, it should be simple and the loop of the animation cannot be repeated over 3-4 times. You can use GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) in the background instead of a simple image.

Keep it in the hierarchy

The hierarchy is also one of the most important factors to design an incredible banner. It is the art of balancing banner logo, text and, button. It increases brand awareness as well as convey the message very effectively. The logo of the company should be on the top of the banner if the banner is vertically designed. Else, the logo of the company should be on the left of the banner. Text of the banner should be in the middle position of the banner. The button of the banner like “watch now” and “Click here” should be in the bottom position, if the banner is vertically designed. Else, the button should be in the right position.

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