Website Development Trends That You Can't-Miss In 2019

Website Development Trends That You Can't-Miss In 2019

11,May 2019

Digital space has millions of website to overwhelm any user of a prospective customer, Innovative and interactive web development and design can provide you cutting edge over others in the same domain.

As we march ahead in time with fierce competition, upcoming and latest trends can make you win your game. We’re giving you a small gist of the best of 2019 web development trends.

Sometimes web development is all about static designs, another year it was more into mobile responsive, and now everybody is doing chatbots with web development.

Let's begin your journey towards what trending and needs to be implemented to step up your game.

Flexible development with unconventional Design

Designs that will leave your customers spell-bounded by an interactive look and feel rather than restrictive using flexible development and template. Developers are now focussing more on how to create reusable components to display every bit in a more powerful way. It sets a great example of how things interconnect with each other without even giving a second thought about rebuilding it.

The focus is more on creating flexible, affordable and interactive pages which clearly define your business goals creatively.

Mobile responsive Web designs

Responsive web designs are a prerequisite for web development in 2019. It is good to have a website which is responsive even on mobiles to ensure everyone can access your site. According to the latest survey, there has been an increase of 50% in the number of mobile device users in 2018. The figure shows that a significant amount of people are using mobile phones to access websites. Google is also giving better ranks to mobile-friendly websites based on their search on mobiles. Also, the mobile versions of the site will soon be considered for providing a ranking to desktop websites in an upcoming update by Google.

Chatbots are making headlines.

Chatbots are generating more leads, and around 85% of customer interactions are taking place on chatbots. The time has come where machines can imbibe human touch in the conversations. As per Gartner prediction on chatbot, there will be a massive rise in customer interactions in business by 2020. Chatbots with AI will become a rage in web developments, and a number of companies are racing ahead of its time to inculcate this on their current website. Chatbots works better in the service industry sector where around $23 billion can be generated through Chat Bot integrations.

Amplifying AMP

Accelerated Mobile Pages a.k.a an AMP is another version of web pages where Google creates AMP versions of mobile pages provides shorter load time, smooth access to mobile devices. It makes a website to load spontaneously with rich content like graphics, video, and animations using the same code which works on the same platform to create content readily available everywhere - On a phone, tablet, or any mobile device. It might restrict some functionality in HTML, but otherwise, it increases website speed and reduces bandwidth.

Voice-enabled website

The number of voice-based searches has surpassed all levels by coming 35 times more than the previous year. A lot of teens and adults are using voice commands to search, and this number is expected to grow by 50% by the end of 2020. So where are we on web developed to cater to voice commands? You can find voice assistants in mobile phones s we have, Siri on iPhone, Google Assistant on Google, Alexa and Echo launched by Amazon to bring more convenience in the life of people.

Talking Webpages anyone?

Let's begin with the importance of voice search on our website, 20% of mobile searches are voice-based which gives you a notion of user comfortability with it to browse through the internet or get anything done.

Adding voice-enabled API to your website can help you in leveraging all its benefits, Google chrome and firefox are supporting this technology for a site. Ponder upon and get ready for groundbreaking technologies to serve your customers in 2019.

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